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  • This vintage affair


    Helllllo all! You know what I would like to see more on TV? More people with some sense of that care about other people, nature, animals and so on! Yeah, I don’t own a TV but I am right now watching from time to time a show(online) that is broadcast-ed in Romania “Bravo ai stil” […]

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  • Postcards from Piatra Neamt


    I promised you some photos from Piatra-Neamt, o here they are. They contain: old dragon eggs from Cucuteni (also known as Valyria in the past) tableware included in the building’s decoration- Museum of Neolitic art Cucuteni civilization ( as a tourist this might be pretty helpful) “Turnul lui Stefan”– a tower formerly known as Tower […]

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  • El Sol Beach


    Helllo folks! Here I am, back again with some photos from the seaside ( you know.. where I’ve been stranded from a barrel on a Black Sea’s beach). I won’y get in details today. I’m just gonna put some pictures from the beach, that’s in front of Coloniei Butoaielor, and it’s one of the best beaches I’ve been. […]