• 365 Outfit Challenge
  • New Year’s Eve outfit

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year…(sings in an enchanting voice..)! Wait! No it isn’t! That period just finished so now it’s time to sob and try to do our best in the first week on our daily jobs! Depression, go away! I blame all this bad disposition on labels btw! Why is it […]

  • 365 Outfit Challenge
  • This vintage affair

    Helllllo all! You know what I would like to see more on TV? More people with some sense of that care about other people, nature, animals and so on! Yeah, I don’t own a TV but I am right now watching from time to time a show(online) that is broadcast-ed in Romania “Bravo ai stil” […]

  • Postcards
  • Postcards from Piatra Neamt

    I promised you some photos from Piatra-Neamt, o here they are. They contain: old dragon eggs from Cucuteni (also known as Valyria in the past) tableware included in the building’s decoration- Museum of Neolitic art Cucuteni civilization ( as a tourist this might be pretty helpful) “Turnul lui Stefan”– a tower formerly known as Tower […]