Festival look-part 1

Hello my dears,

This is already day 5 (yuhuuuuuu) of my 365 days challenge!

Today I am going to show you my “first of many” festival get-ups!
Summer is the festival season, the weather outside is just fine (if you’re lucky 😉 ), you can camp near the site, and you can have fun all day and all night, nothing’s gonna stop you!
There are a few festivals in Romania, worth going! While a few years ago the main festivals were Peninsula & B’estfest with a mention for Stufstock that aimed to save Vama-Veche! But little by little the two of them lost their public and vanished in the same year :2014.

In the meantime two other festivals emerged, one in the middle of the country: Electric Castle and one near Bucharest: Summerwell. While the previous one had rock music as a main direction, the last two are based more on electric music.

A new festival appears this year, near Cluj, that aims to be as big as the last two, and has the same target: Untold.

Some other festivals that are more specific:

1. Sunwaves– electronic music, held in Mamaia, at the seaside

2. FanFest– held at Rosia Montana and based solely on volunteers

3. Garana Jazz Fest– jazz festival

4. Folk  You– folk music- in Vama Veche, at the seaside

5. WaHa– reggae – location changes every year and it’s in the mountains

And here is my festival look! I hope you like it!

In the next festival look series you’ll find some tips on what you can wear to a festival! I’m starting  here with my first getup:

1. Nature chic : leather boots, cropped jeans (you can easily DIY), ethnic shirt, a flower crown or a wide hat.

Advice: While at the festival you won’t have time to put on some make-up, so a bright lipstick might do the trick!


And a few details 😉




I hope you liked this long longgggggggg post!



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