Geometric patterns- mix it!

365 Outfit Challenge

Mixing patterns it’s always a challenge! Lately the fashion world is more keen on mixing them and they appeared in this form for a few years now.

But are those combinations ready to wear? I rarely seen patterns combined on the streets or at events and even some fashion bloggers that should experiment and inspire others  are reluctant to the idea of mixing them.
Of course everyone has it’s style and if you have a minimalist style, patterns don’t have a place in your story.
Nevertheless you should experiment and even if you’ll make some mistakes, something beautiful will get out of it at the end.

In a few of my previous posts I already shown how you can mix patterns and what patterns work best.
This fall is all about checked, striped, diamonds, zebra stripes and Rorschach patterns, in black and white, a comeback of the 70’s styles: bohemian, punk and preepy, that it’s visible in more than one collection. Those mixed prints create an optical illusion that would look cool and the streets.


And here’s how I mixed this time the geometric patterns!


Valentino, Saint Laurent, Emilio Pucci

IMG_2984   IMG_3020IMG_2992 IMG_3027IMG_3004 IMG_3035


I am wearing: Vintage shirt, H&M skirt




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