Boho, hippie and something more

Here are more pics from our holiday, I am currently downloading the pics and will upload them from time to time here! I hope it won’t be time for Christmas and that I will still post sunny pics from the seaside or whatsoever!

I am wearing a Boho vintage vest with flower embroidery that I will soon list in my vintage shop online! I got this vest in Paris and I was very excited to find it there, where it didn’t “belong” in my opinion since all the vintage stuff in the little shop was classy, elegant or chic. I wished it was more colorful ( I am comparing it with some of the traditional vests that I’ve seen in the museums in my trip) but I like it nonetheless. I paired it with a vintage blouse that has an “ombre” orange color and with a black skirt.

The photos from “Lacul Rosu” – where I’ve taken this pictures will be posted the following days!

IMG_0287 IMG_0294 IMG_0299 IMG_0305 IMG_0310 IMG_0315 IMG_0316 IMG_0321IMG_0274

Love, A.


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  1. Tina says: Reply

    I used to wear vests a lot, but not lately. Very lovely vest and beautiful pictures!

  2. Ildi says: Reply

    I love your boho vest. The embroidery is really nice:)

  3. What a lovely outfit, especially the vest!

  4. haha, I still haven’t posted any picture from our trip to Chamonix… I wonder if I’ll ever do 😀
    Lovely outfit!

  5. Milda says: Reply

    Great style and ideas

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