• 365 Outfit Challenge
  • Digital Divas Conference

    How was at Digital Divas? If I was to #sumitup, pretty interesting at the conference but pretty boring to the awards! It’s the first time I’ve went to this event, which , from the outside seemed to be exclusivity and extraordinary and when I got there I got my feet back on the ground because, you know […]

  • 365 Outfit Challenge
  • The Skirtbike Parade

    The happy moment of the SkirtBike parade has come!! So as you know already I’ve prepared an outfit inspired by the #pinup style! Even tough I didn’t wear anything #vintage in this outfit, a funny fact is that I kind of have this stocking for more than 15 years so if I wait more than […]

  • 365 Outfit Challenge
  • Skirtbike Picnic

    As you might know from my previous posts it was SkirtBike picnic weekend in Bucharest so it was as you can imagine #legendary! Why? Well, because seeing so many women on bikes, feeling confident while having fun and being beautiful is empowering! And what better way to start the weekend than with an amazing #picnic! A […]

  • 365 Outfit Challenge
  • The pattern dress

    Remember that a week ago I’ve made a few pics in the green lands back at home? Well, I have more of that green and also a bit more of this cute dress that I like a lot! What can I say, I love these patterns even thought they look pretty messed up right? So, […]

  • DIY
  • DIY egg table decor

    Since it was Easter a few days ago I had the mission to prepare the decoration for the Easter table at my parents house! Of course I needed something with a big impact and with minimum investment, practically no money involved whatsoever! Yes, I had some experience with this type of table decor since I […]

  • Postcards
  • Back to basics

    It’s Easter time! Actually it was Easter time until today :). So I tought about sharing with you  few pics from my weekend home where I got back to basics! These are photos from my grandparents house! I hope you like them, I had a marvelous time there, especially because of the nice weather ( […]