• 365 Outfit Challenge
  • New Year’s Eve outfit


    It’s the most wonderful time of the year…(sings in an enchanting voice..)! Wait! No it isn’t! That period just finished so now it’s time to sob and try to do our best in the first week on our daily jobs! Depression, go away! I blame all this bad disposition on labels btw! Why is it […]

  • 365 Outfit Challenge
  • El Sol Beach


    Helllo folks! Here I am, back again┬áwith some photos from the seaside ( you know.. where I’ve been stranded from a barrel┬áon a Black Sea’s beach). I won’y get in details today. I’m just gonna put some pictures from the beach, that’s in front of┬áColoniei Butoaielor, and it’s one of the best beaches I’ve been. […]

  • 365 Outfit Challenge
  • Stranded from a barrel


    We’ve┬ámade to the sea this year! ­čÖé We don’t go there so often ┬ábecause we don’t like the blue blue sea so much (porque es muy caliente)! And beside this the Romanian sea-coast is overrated. There are few places that could pass, but the discrepancies are so big that it’s better to spend your weekend […]

  • 365 Outfit Challenge
  • The Skirtbike Parade


    The happy moment of the SkirtBike parade has come!! So as you know already I’ve prepared an outfit inspired by the #pinup style! Even tough I didn’t wear anything #vintage in this outfit, a funny fact is that I kind of have this stocking for more than 15 years so if I wait more than […]

  • 365 Outfit Challenge
  • Skirtbike Picnic


    As you might know from my previous posts it was SkirtBike┬ápicnic weekend in Bucharest so it was as you can imagine #legendary! Why? Well, because seeing so many women on bikes, feeling confident while having fun and being beautiful is empowering! And what better way to start the weekend than with an amazing #picnic! A […]