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  • El Sol Beach

    Helllo folks! Here I am, back again with some photos from the seaside ( you know.. where I’ve been stranded from a barrel on a Black Sea’s beach). I won’y get in details today. I’m just gonna put some pictures from the beach, that’s in front of Coloniei Butoaielor, and it’s one of the best beaches I’ve been. […]

  • 365 Outfit Challenge
  • Geometric prints

    Today it’s all about geometry and a little poetry! Nothing much to say about it, I think they go together really well! And I’ll just share with you some links here with some nice geometric/poetic things I like! 1. This video-Poetic 2. This pattern– Geometric 3.This image– Poetic 4. This project– Geometric 5. This graphic– […]

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  • Bicycle fashion style

    Hello dears! I have many news for you today! This week will be SkirtBike here in Bucharest so of course I am looking forward to some nice bicycle rides with the girls!! There are many activities that you can do while at SkirtBike: Bike Fashion show, Bike repair ateliers, “Portret de Biciclistă”, workshops  and actually […]