Recycling fashion week or not?

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It seems that these days it’s world’s recycling week going around. Well, at least for HM it is! And how did you or I find out? Because of the huge HM campaign about it.
And while I wear some of their clothes I have to ask the huge company:

Why did you do it? Out of respect for recycling or because you needed yet another campaign to promote the “nice” things you’re doing?

So let’s get started with this recycling week! After a not so thorough search online you’ll find no other information than on their site that this is recycling week. Instead I’ve found some info about world recycling week on these sites, which are more reliable since they are about  recycling and not buying!

You might say I am a hater, but bear with, I’m not trying to dismiss this recycling campaign, but yes, I do question their motives and I think each one of us should!

So I will make a list with pro and cons:


1. Raising awareness about recycling. Yes, it’s a huge campaign, it’s clear that they’ve put a lot of money into it so it’s amazing that a lot of people see it and learn more about recycling.

2. They give a little reward into a coupon that you can use on your next buy. This is a little incentive for people to bring and recycle clothes that might work for some.


1 This is not World Recycling Week. Wherever you’ll search online you won’t find the date of this event. So this is not World Recycling week, it’s just HM Campaign of World Recycling week. The only dates for world recycling week are 9-15 November Here and Here or 22-28 June Here.

2. Actually this event overlaps Fashion Revolution Week – the annual event which marks the events of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh. While H&M didn’t had any factories there, the disaster per se, making this huge campaign to overlap the Fashion Revolution Week is really insensitive.

3. They create way more than they recycle. HM is a giant on the market. And when I mean giant, I mean their revenue was $67.8 Billion in 2015 so of course the company is a biggg consumer. They’re world renowned  for being the biggest creator of fast fashion. So this recycling week doesn’t even count as a scratch.

4. The reward coupon it’s not the same amount in every country. It’s 5 ” insert currency” of where you live. While the clothes have the same price. All over the world. Sooo, how is that fair?

5. While putting so much money into a campaign that will lead to a huge amount of sales, they could better use the money for creating better condition of work for their employees and document that.

6. Even the recycling isn’t clear enough. The information on their site is vague and non consistent.

7. From the few information in the video we find that the clothes that can be worn will be sold to second hand store .So actually HM is selling your clothes to second-hand shops? What!? Making more money out of the consumer. Sad 🙁

8. In the same video– it’s explain what will happen to the clothes that can’t be worn anymore- but it isn’t a good recycling plan! They will get recycled and use as insulation,cleaning clothes, rag rugs or will became thread or new textiles. Here  Lucy Siegle explains “Using publicly available figures and average clothing weights, it appears it would take 12 years for H&M to use up 1,000 tons of fashion waste.”


My conclusions are pretty clear as you might see from above! This campaign might raise awareness but it does for it’s own profits and to  greenwash the consumers that are more and more aware of what’s going on around them.

You’ll find more about it here, here and here.

So , as a matter of fact, I invite you to ask H&M or your favorite brand to answer the question: “Who made my clothes?”  here

As I also wanted to know, I’ve asked H&M, throughout it’s brand Divided, “Who made it?”


Here are the rest of the photos: I am wearing vintage jeans jacket and earrings- soon available here






I am waiting for your pics uploaded on fashionrevolution. org 🙂

Spread the word!

Love, Anda 

5 thoughts on “Recycling fashion week or not?”

  1. Recycling is a good idea, but recycling H&M clothes is almost impossible. They just don’t have that quality to survive past the first person. ?

  2. Yeah, it’s fashion revolution week, not fashion recycling week. I used to love H&M, but meh.
    On the other hand, what do you expect, it’s a business, they try to sell you stuff, so if they start doing good things, even if just a bit, it’s better than nothing.
    Buying a lot less and from ethical stores is more efficient in terms of impact though.

  3. I have very mixed feelings about that promo campaign too , and in Belgium you get %15 off on a couple of items. What I hate even more is that they’re making it hard for smaller businesses who do real recyling…

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