After the rain, the sun

365 Outfit Challenge

It’s been raining cats and dogs in here! Violent summer rains that leave the air clean and cool and leave you sleepy and lazy!
After yesterday’s rains I got home double wet on my bike. Today, I was a little more lucky, I arrived home before the rain but exactly when I was going to make the photos the rain started again. I wonder what tomorrow will be like?!?

Today I want to share with you 5 things that I like these days.

1.  This song

2. The bag- because I love recycling

3. Him- For the watch

4. No day without wonder and sparkle

5. Jewelry minimalist and quirky 

And one thing that I don’t like:

1. Some bloggers that critique just to raise their audience.

PS: I loved the rain 😉

IMG_4985IMG_4979  IMG_4986 IMG_5000 IMG_5002 IMG_5010 IMG_5013



I hope you N joy it!

XOXO Anda 



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