My love for candies

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My love for candies is one of my biggest problems!
Why? Because I actually love them, and as a result, I can’t stay without them 😉

 So from time to time I need to make a change and maybe go on a healthy diet or two 😉 .

And a few days ago I found the most amazing diet of them all :), and I want to share it wih you! It’s HERE!

How does it works? Nothing more simple, instead of eating lots of candies donate the money or buy food for the people that are in a difficult situation! 

Today it’s about the Minions Party for the children with cancer from three of the hospitals in Bucharest ( Marie Curie, Institutul Oncologic Bucuresti, Institutul clinic Fundeni). So please think about this party that will offer those kids a memorable day and will make you skinnier.

Asociatia Spitale Curate is the organizer! You can make a donation here : bank account RO46RZBR0000060016949927, beneficiar Asociatia Spitale Curate , Raiffeisen Bank, Romania. 

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