Prints- difficult or not to wear?

365 Outfit Challenge

Prints- always an adventure!

Why? Well, that’s simple, because they’re pretty hard to wear on a specific ocassion!

How to do it? Here are some ideas on how to wear prints, the links below will get you to some images that I take as an example of smart use of the prints into a getup!

1. Full lenght and mixed

2. African meets art-deco

3. Animal print

4. Geometric 

5. Dots and dots

6. Cartoon

7. Artistic

8. 3D prints

9. Floral

10. Illusion

11. Plaid 

If you have more prints to add to the list, feel free to comment or give me an email and I’ll add them to the list! 🙂

IMG_6583 IMG_6630IMG_6605 IMG_6613IMG_6608 IMG_6651IMG_6610  IMG_6644IMG_6620

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