Vintage advises for New Year’s Eve

365 Outfit Challenge

Have you already found your costume for the New Year’s Eve?!?

I knoww, I know that it’s not even Christmas yet but I like to prepare a few weeks in advance for the greatest day in the year! Which actually isn’t the greatest day and it doesn’t matter o much :P. It’s just one more reason to look fabulous! So it’s like I’ve said before, just an ordinary day!

And some people think that you can’t be fabulous and cool on the New Year’s Eve with a vintage costume, dress or whatever ;). And I have to strongly make a stand against this quote because you can be even cooler than the boring outfits that everyone has!

Just add a pinch of extraordinary and a slight amount of crazy!

Something more elegant that reflects the waves and keeps the alien away 😉 (don’t laugh, I have many of these 😛 )

And please don’t forget to have fun and try something new! Like a dance that has been long forgotten!

Hope you enjoy it! :*

After the”break” I also have some vintage pics! 🙂

IMG_5236IMG_5242IMG_5222  IMG_5246

Vintage Military green coat, Vintage dress, Vintage woolen socks, Vintage shoes- some of them will be up Here 

Love, A.

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