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I know holidays are long gone but sometimes even after the weekend I sometimes find it hard to get back into the daily work routine. So while this is not a post about sustainability or how to dress in an eco- fashion way  it’s somehow an amalgam of advises on how you can dress daily with an office look while being as eco as you can be.

There are many brands out there that are thriving to be sustainable but it’s not easy to be both competitive and eco!

So these are the ideas of advises that I have into becoming a more eco-fashion-office girl:


  1. Always verify your sources when you buy something. With non-stop internet connection it’s pretty simple to choose wisely from so many brands.
  2. Choose vintage (as you can see I always do it 🙂 ) so instead shopping in big malls, chose small vintage shops. You’ll find treasures that will provide you with  almost unique pieces!
  3. Create an uniform or a capsule wardrobe. Wear it every day for a year- this way you won’t buy so much and will reduce your carbon footprint. (if you buy vintage or choose from sustainable oriented shops it’s even better)
  4. Get the preppy look for the office-it’s easier to achieve with vintage or basic clothes
  5. Take your time and get informed. Subscribe to a newsletter about eco and sustainable fashion if the subject interest you.
  6. Never trough things away: give it to people that need it or you can find an organisation that can do it for you (I found this one here)
  7. Give a new face to old things, try some DIY projects on old clothes that you have or transform them entirely in something else
  8. Take good care when buying something: avoid fast fashion ,buy local, buy handmade and take good look at hems, seams and the overall quality of the product. Also materials are very important: bamboo, silk, organic cotton, soy, hemp, lyocell, the list can continue

If you have any more ideas please do share them!

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I am wearing: Vintage pants-soon here, Vintage blazer-soon here, white shirt


Love, A.

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