What I like

365 Outfit Challenge

This is going to be a post about what I like these days and what I’mo obsessed about! Nothing less and nothing more 😛 and of course I hope you like it even tough it’s just a lot of baloney!
Of course if you have any something that you want to share in terms of tv series, jewelry, fashion, vintage, books or whatever you like these days, please do!

1. The music that I listen on repeat- Here and Here

2. The books I’m reading ( some of them at least- you can find all the list here) – Here and Here

3. I am in love with alllll these pieces of jewelry

4. And with these product photos, as a matter of fact

5. Still in time to wear some really large chunky knits, more ideas here 

6. Or just throw some clothes on yourself- you’ll be surprised of the effect

7. And a vintage dress that I cherish

8. These ropes in an interior decor

9. These tattoos that made me laugh so much

10. These tv-series since Valentine’s Day is almost here :P: Outlander and Marco Polo

and of course this shooting 😉


IMG_5173 IMG_5178 IMG_5189
IMG_5193 IMG_5196 IMG_5207


I am wearing: an old Bersha shirt, Vintage skirt- available soon here, vintage belt, vintage boots

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