How to be more productive?

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How can we be more productive nowadays when everything evolves around time, around how you ca gain more time and how to transform less time in more money!? The answer is not simple… at least not for me! :)) I actually struggle with time and mostly with my free time since I always want to do so much stuff! And when you have a nine to seven job that also consumes you mentally and physically it’s even harder to go home and try to make something creative or something just for yourself.

So how can we manage a full-time or over-time job, the house work, family, friends and our free-time and leisure while being productive? Hard question with an elaborate answer.

I don’t have yet the perfect formula, actually I suck at this, but tell no one 😛

But, I hope I can improve so I am constantly searching (when I have he time, dohhhh) different ways to gain more free-time in order to make more things I like :)).

So I’m not going to talk here about the fact that we should stop procrastinating, that’s…well.. already assumed if we start to find ways to gain more time! Then, if we settled that out let’s start a …LIST of course with things we can do to be more productive in our lives!

  1. First of all, make a LIST– it can written down, mental, on your phone, etc.-it will put the things you want to do in order and everything will become more clear
  2. Race the CLOCK– put a time on it- a concrete amount of time will help you concentrate better and also to time better similar tasks next time
  3. PRIORITIZE your tasks- give more time to important projects or the ones you like most
  4. Complete SIMILAR mindless TASKS in a batch- like laundry, cooking, etc.
  5. Take small BREAKS, other wise you won’t be able to concentrate too much on something
  6. Stay away from TEMPTATION(mostly social media which is really time-consuming). So keep your internet closed, put the phone on airplane mode and keep on working!!!
  7. Don’t feel GUILTY when you’re not in the mood to do anything, you’re not a robot and that’s cool! ( I hope I didn’t offend any robots here :P)
  8. Take your time to REST really well, being tired  all the time won’t help and you’ll mess everything up
  9. Try always to improve your SCHEDULE
  10. Review your PROGRESS– and reward yourself everyday for what you’ve achieved
  11. Keep it POSITIVE– it will reflect on your creative work environment for sure!
  12. CHECK things off the list-you’ll feel better afterwards
  13. KEEP it FUN-after all it’s something that you actually enjoy doing and I’m sure it’s worth it!


Hope my little list helped! Right now, I am working on a routine myself, in order to learn to make some things daily! Did you knew that it takes an average of 66 days for something to get into our daily routine?

And while blog-posts became a routine pretty quickly for me, instead of keeping this routine, it became harder and harder to make it because exhaustion interfered! So I decided to take it slower and actually enjoy what I love!

And you must know I love vintage clothes a lot 😛 so here’s another batch! :)) With the coolest wool pants ever from SeleneFashion










Love, A

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