Digital Divas Conference

How was at Digital Divas? If I was to #sumitup, pretty interesting at the conference but pretty boring to the awards! It’s the first time I’ve went to this event, which , from the outside seemed to be exclusivity and extraordinary and when I got there I got my feet back on the ground because, you know divas are also people, and no…elves I didn’t decided to get back from Valinor yet…

Because I’m sure there is so much written on the subject I’ll just point the good and the bad from my point of view from this edition (the first I’ve been attending)

What I liked, in no specific order:

  1. Feelingul of #girlpower
  2. The outfits- that enchanted my view- you can see down below a few of them
  3. The fact that there are many women today is  Romania interested in fashion, beauty and other things related
  4. The conferences- They got me thinking about a few things, even tough they were presented by personal brands. After all, in blogging businesses – the person represents the brand so these examples are suggestive.

What I disliked, no specific order again:

  1. The awards- boring, it doesn’t reflects the reality of the women blogosphere in Romania (at least from my point of view)
  2. Falsity- I don’t even want to talk about it 😉
  3. The lack of modesty- yesss, I have a problem, I knoww!
  4. The comments after the event(yep, the gossip didn’t stop that day)

What can you expect if you have a blog and go there next year? I guess the same, if there won’t be a change out of the blue :P. But, and there’s a big word here, it doesn’t mean that things can’t change. And of course, change starts with us!

An advice (I think this is more for me): Make it worth your time! Create content that matters, not just images that over the years become faded and non relevant.

Down below a few pictures with the outfits I liked via The Bucharests

I have just one pic from Instagram, the photo quality it’s not the best, butttt it proves that “Yes folks, I’ve been there!”And here’s below! And yes the dress is vintage!


Si pozeleeeee

13263728_791619917640011_1481821987046347630_n 13256353_791621040973232_660012292800640361_n 13245364_791620657639937_3955557161441520002_n 13244634_1038956849516287_1693150667527785721_n 13239398_791621354306534_8563910746287048088_n 13232926_791620380973298_221081521170506587_n 13230200_791620177639985_2404398445019248873_n 13227196_791622854306384_6387808790410361093_n 13227052_791620114306658_1092156675309101432_n

Love, A

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  1. İt looks like a perfect event for you!

  2. so it was a conference about women who blog? right? I’m not sure I got it right.
    I like most of the outfits, although I’d prefer more colors 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your report. The outfits look nice.

  4. Ruby says: Reply

    Cute outfit! Networking is not always easy but always necessary.

  5. Sadly fashion blogging ,as much as it was fun in the beginning , has become big business…many bloggers just setting blogs to get lots and lots of freebies…so content is no longer interesting…

  6. Tina says: Reply

    I think we learn from all experiences, so that is always good – even if it’s bad… ?
    Loved your outfit!

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