Romanian Design Week : What I wore

Romanian Design Week just finished three days ago and of course I had to take a look to the new designs! So without too much talk here are a few pictures with my outfit and a few pics with the design objects, illustration and so on that were displayed there!

Here are the designers that participated to this year’s edition!






I am wearing a vintage dress, that soon will be here!

And here is the photo selection:

IMG_8453 IMG_8451 IMG_8449 IMG_8446 IMG_8442 IMG_8440 IMG_8432 IMG_8430 IMG_8427 IMG_8422

Love, A

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  1. Looks like a cool event, love the chair models 🙂

  2. I see some cool designs there…but my favorite are the cutlery chairs…now I am obsessing over them…

  3. Great event! I love the animal prints (of course) and the folklore style chairs. And the photo where you wear the jacket is great!

  4. Tina says: Reply

    Nice to see you smile!
    Looks like an awesome event, would have love to be there.

  5. You are the Rihanna of our group! I love how you mix and match your outfits pretty lady! The design week looks seriously good! Very nice original pieces!

  6. I could totally wear that!
    Black tights, flat shoes, quirky dress! Yes, please!

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