What I wore to Femei pe Matasari

Ok, I am so behind with the posts since my five days off that I am posting now outfits that I wore almost a month ago!

This one is from Femei pe Matasari, urban festival that happens every year on Matasari Street. As with every urban festival, I truly liked this one even tough I found it very crowded this year. Right now in Bucharest I think we have some kind of festival every week and I recall that there were several in that specific weekend. Even so, the street was really crowded, mostly in the scene area.

But the Akua Naru concert was amazing and it was worth it! After all, every cool concert is extremely crowded!

Beside the concerts and the cool vendors with handmade and artisan goods, I also enjoyed the Secret Silent Garden :P!

And Sunday of course we went for a bike ride from Femei pe Matasari to the center of Bucharest and back! Pics are here!

And here are the pics! Enjoy! 🙂

Port : HM dress, vintage shirt, Coverse sneakers

IMG_8645 IMG_8653 IMG_8660 IMG_8668 IMG_8686 IMG_8688 IMG_8695






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  1. Definitely reminds me of the 90’s hip hop era 🙂

  2. such a fun outfit 🙂

  3. Lovely romantic outfit!

  4. Street festivals are great, even though they are crowded. And there are so many over the summer days, that I often do not know what to choose.

  5. Ildi says: Reply

    Very fresh outfit. I love your yellow earrings and the floral blouse:)))

  6. Nice dress, I like it on you.

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