How not to kill your succulents

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Like I do 😀

You might know from this previous post, lately I like greens in interior spaces! But I have a hard time to keep them alive you know! My most green and beloved flower is the ivy. It seems like it doesn’t  matter how I treat it, it will flourish and flourish!

Buttt, this isn’t also happening with my succulents! Which are my favorites plant by the way! I think my problem is I’ve searched online some tips on how not to kill the succulents!


  1. Don’t over-water :)))), I know, hilarious right?
  2. Keep them in direct sun-light
  3. The green ones adapt better in interior spaces (succulents can be also gray, reddish, etc)
  4. Used drained pots( This is valid for all plants)
  5. Air circulation is important!
  6. Use plant juice if needed 
  7. Observe them every day- you’ll notice their needs that way (more water, less sun, etc.)

I hope this info helps you and of course me too! If you have any more tips please share them!

I also made some pics as a Gardner on the balcony where the flowers never survived 😛

Vintage linen dress from SeleneFashion, Hat and sneakers from HM

IMG_7787 IMG_7789 IMG_7794 IMG_7796 IMG_7803 IMG_7808 IMG_7810 IMG_7817

7 thoughts on “How not to kill your succulents”

  1. Wow, those photos look awesome, the dress, the hat, so great together.
    But, where is at least one succulent? 😉
    My succulents are not very happy with my care either, but we are getting there, slowly….

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