Gardens of Paris

Paris? Again?

And I’m not even half way there yet! So this time we went into some other gardens and what I can tell you that it was freezing. And the wind didn’t help much either! I don’t like parks unless they’re wild, unless they’re like a little part broken from the wild nature. The vast majority of them aren’t like that.

So here I was in a park (I don’t even remember it’s name :D- LE: it’s Le Jardin du Luxembourg) all tidy up, with big trees lined up like soldiers in an attack. I don’t say it was scary but the whole “grandeur” the garden had was somehow misplaced, it was too much. And it wasn’t that green after all. It had very wide alleys for lots of people to have long walks. For a wild nature lover it’s not the best park. But if you often imagine yourself as an 17th century courtesan with lots of time for yourself, living on big money – that’s the place for you!

I’m kidding! But you got the sense of it, the gardens that are surrounding the Palace are meant to mark out the place of the palace and it’s grandeur. The gardens are symmetric in rapport with it, the law of the perspective applies and in the center we find the point of interest.

What I actually liked is that they have lots of metallic chairs (that are probably nice when is sunny weather) just like in the Jardins des Tuileries, and that you can discover places that are made to the human scale like the fountain you see in the images below.

In my grunge look, that has nothing to do with the place we were in, I am wearing a vintage soon in here!


IMG_9179 IMG_9183 IMG_9187 IMG_9195 IMG_9200 IMG_9205

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  1. Gina says: Reply

    Beautiful photos !

  2. As always beautiful pictures and perfect outfit!

  3. Ildi says: Reply

    Beautiful garden, romantic details on the shirt and you have a great style of humour:) Great post!

  4. Great pictures again.

  5. I cannot tell it was freezing cold from those pictures! 😉 You look relaxed and lovely as usual!

  6. Alicia says: Reply

    Love the decadence splendot

  7. Lovely Pictures!

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