All vintage in Piatra Neamt

Holidays are over so it’s time to remember all the good times we had in our time-off. So the first thing we’ve visited was a city- Piatra Neamt (which also happens to be the origin city of my bf). And I liked it a lot! The city is located in a basin between a few mountains and it has some attraction points just because of that.

Since it’s been a stronghold in the medieval era it still has some architecture that proves it! I like the old center with “Turnul lui Stefan” (Stefan’s Tower) in the middle and the renovated marketplace. Surrounded by all kind of museums it’s the nicest place there and along with the park it sure is the social nucleus of the city.

I am a sucker for museums so we’ve been in a few and I was amazed by the Cucuteni civilization of which I learned a lot! I will have a separate post about that even tough I only made pics with my phone :D. My biggest disappointment was that I missed an exhibition with old Romanian toys by a month :))).

Down below a few photos in front of the History Museum in Piatra Neamt, wearing a vintage dress bought in Paris and bomber jacket, H&M shoes and a Bag from Mofturi.


IMG_0156 IMG_0165 IMG_0172 IMG_0181 IMG_0188 IMG_0195

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  1. Gina says: Reply


  2. Very sweet outfit!

  3. Milda says: Reply

    Intresting photo, nice dress

  4. It sounds like a great place to visit!
    And such a cute outfit you are wearing 🙂

  5. Eek never heard of the Cucuteni…….I am going to look that up! Love the fashion as usual!

  6. Ildi says: Reply

    The dress is very unique and together with the blue jacket is a perfect outfit:) Like it a lot:)

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