• What I Wore
  • Conferinta Digital Divas

    Cum a fost la Digital Divas? Daca ar fi sa #sumitup, destul de interesant la prezentari/conferinte destul de plictisitor la premiere! Este prima data cand am mers la acest eveniment care mie, din afara, imi lasa impresia ca este exclusivist si extraordinar iar cand am ajuns acolo am revenit cu picioarele pe pamant pentru ca divele sunt […]

  • 365 Outfit Challenge
  • Skirtbike Picnic

    As you might know from my previous posts it was SkirtBike picnic weekend in Bucharest so it was as you can imagine #legendary! Why? Well, because seeing so many women on bikes, feeling confident while having fun and being beautiful is empowering! And what better way to start the weekend than with an amazing #picnic! A […]

  • DIY
  • DIY egg table decor

    Since it was Easter a few days ago I had the mission to prepare the decoration for the Easter table at my parents house! Of course I needed something with a big impact and with minimum investment, practically no money involved whatsoever! Yes, I had some experience with this type of table decor since I […]