SkirtBike, Bike Fashion Show and “Femei pe Matasari” Urban Festival


After almost two weeks from this amazing event I managed to make a blog-post about my experience at SkirtBike 2015! Well, you know the saying “Better late than never!” ūüėČ

So since time is precious and I’ve noticed that I tend to talk wayyyy to much on the blog (and not only here :))) ) I thought I should try to recap my experience from this year in a few important points.

I want to say special thanks to the organizers that rocked on another year and are spreading the bike trend between women in Romania every single day!

Here it goes:

  • Q: What I loved the most at this¬†Bike Fashion Show?
  • A:¬†The people I met, the “biking-girls“, the fact that¬†we can relate, we are urban¬†bicycle-riders.
  • Q:¬†How was it to be part of the Bike Fashion Show?
  • A:¬†Amazing of course! Who wouldn’t love to be pampered? Until I got on the stage….! Well¬†that was the moment when the movie broke ūüėÄ
  • Q: Preparing for¬†Bike Fashion Show.
  • A: Was actually a piece of cake since I didn’t had to do anything!!! :)) ¬†We had Natalia Cantir that styled our hair, Seventeen for our make-up, the lovely shoes from Ana Parvu and ¬†the lovely outfits from Miniprix! (Ok, I admit it was in my¬†shopaholic mood taking home more than one piece ūüėČ but heyyyy they’ve lured me in with Lemonde!!!¬†)
  • Q: Bike Fashion Show opening “Femei pe Matasari” event.
  • A: It was BIG, exciting, unexpected! I loved to “walk” the magenta¬†bike from “La Vita e Vello” on the stage, the problem was I needed to turn without it! I was like going in a war¬†without¬†the¬†shield! Or the sword as a matter of fact!
  • Q: Backstage¬†Bike Fashion Show.
  • A:¬†The feeling was of “belonging”! The bike-girls were all around, we were cheering for one-another, enjoying the moments as if we were kids at our first bike-ride!¬†
  • Q:¬†Special memories from this event.
  • A:¬†They would be a few… Prajiturella magenta hair, Sabina’s curly¬†Marilyn¬†locks, Irina’ s Predator’s headpiece, ¬†Ioana’ s legs and stiletto photos and many many others!
  • Q:¬†Sunday at SkirtBike
  • A:¬†Again pampered with all the goodies and the photos! I was also feeling so happy and excited about the many girls that came! I trust that soon more and more girls will go out on their¬†bicycles¬†in Bucharest!

And a few of the photos from the events below!


photos by Cristian VlńÉdoaica »ôi Marina Mocanu for SkirtBike feat Seventeen

photos by George David for SkirtBike

A photo from Sunday ūüėČ


And one photo to rule them all! ;P


Bike safe girls!

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