My love for hats

365 Outfit Challenge bohemian How I wear it- 4 styles

Day 7- Yuhuuuuuu a week has past! Just 358 days to go! Well this is getting harder and harder :)))

Today I am going to present you one of my hats! I just love them! They’re an accessory that can transform any look into a specific one!
Today I styled the hat into a elegant bohemian getup! I hope you like it! It will also be part of another Category I am opening on the blog: “How I wear it-4 styles” where I will post 4 different looks with the same accessory or clothing item, styled in 4 different ways!

As I told you the first blog-post the trick to have a different outfit everyday is to choose some inspiring and extraordinary items and style them accordly!

Pics downnnnnnnnn!

IMG_4906  IMG_4925 IMG_4913IMG_4933 IMG_4936 IMG_4949 IMG_4957




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