All white

365 Outfit Challenge

Today I dressed all in white! And even if I did that there’s no way you can mistake me with a bride ;)!
While some brides have short dresses and some other brides have sneakers instead of stilettos or sandals I’ve never seen a bride that wore them both in her wedding day! Well.. I you have some insights and photos, please tell me more and share them! 😛

I wanted to dress in white and this little white dress was perfect for this getup!
I tend to wear dresses with short dresses and I have to admit I love this combo! I think the overall feeling is of a more sporty getup but I am sure there are also variants on making an elegant outfit with sneakers! I would add sparkle, tinsel and maybe a metallic up-do! The sneakers form and color also matter a lot!

I wanted to give it a more eclectic and even rad look  I’ve added some big layered golden necklaces!

IMG_5336 IMG_5365IMG_5338 IMG_5344 IMG_5378 IMG_5395 IMG_5406




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