My love for illustrators/illustrations

365 Outfit Challenge

I do love illustrations as I also love to draw!
But since I don’t have any spare time left for this I can’t draw so much anymore so I am “condemned” 😛 to love illustrations made by other people!
And this one is one of the biggest illustrations ever and I totally love it since it’s made by Saddo, one of the Romanian illustrators I totally love!
You can find him at his Facebook page and also on his personal website !

This giant illustration/graffiti was made during the Street Delivery festival in Bucharest, and it’s a tradition that every year an artist is painting the wall on Arthur Verona street with a contemporary piece of art!

I’ve tried with my outfit to make a mix&match with the wall behind me and I think it turn out really nice despise the extreme sun! (I actually couldn’t keep my eyes open in the Sun, if you know the expression “You can watch the sun, but you can’t watch her!”)

The look:

IMG_6660 IMG_6687  IMG_6692IMG_6674   IMG_6691IMG_6677IMG_6693IMG_6689IMG_6711

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