One weekend trip. 5 cool destinations!

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Since it’s summer and all of you have some spare time and holidays, I thought about sharing with you some weekend destinations that aren’t so big that you will get lost. 

I’ve been having this problem since forever: I always choose big cities for a weekend destination and I end up seeing not even half of it and having regrets after. So I made up a list of beautiful cities that are easy to visit in two or three days.

1. Verona, Italy

The city of love. The place of Romeo and Juliet. This romantic place also has some other sights like the Arena, Ponte Scaligero, Castel san Pietro and Roman monuments and medieval ones.

2. Krakow, Poland

The second largest city in Poland has an amazing old center and a lot of history behind. Being an important city during the Second World War Krakow has escaped massive destruction so the city has a great architecture and many many churches.

3. Cannes, France

One of the most well known city in the movie industry is a small resort located on the French Riviera. You’ll find there a lot of high end fashion stores, luxury boutiques and a port full of yachts. It also has a beach and one famous “promenade de la croisette”.

4. Granada, Spain

This nice city located near Sierra Nevada Mountains and just an hour away from Costa del Sol. It has one of the most beautiful citadels Alhambra. This Moorish citadel has a defensive zone Alcazaba, a castle and a garden called Generalife.

5. Nuremberg, Germany

Located in Bavaria, it’s often referred to be the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire. It had an important role also in the Nazi era because of the Nuremberg rallies. Don’t miss the Toy Museum there.

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