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Our last day in Vienna was a bit sad since we had to depart from this lovely city!

I didn’t knew that Vienna had so many cool places to visit, it was actually overwhelming and since I take everything as a challenge, I was running desperate from a museum to another trying to check everything on the list!

If you go there, please don’t do that!

The best way to enjoy  your city break or Holiday is to let loose and enjoy your day!

It’s best to go were the city takes you!

I know, it might sound a little bit weird but it’s true, believe me!! Although in some major cities the sites are a long way one from another, there’s always an old center were you can find those amazing streets with so much history and also old stores!

So, the last day we visited some Viennese new architecture! And when I say new I mean the modern era, don’t expect to see new glass buildings in the center.

We’ve been to the Karlsplatz Station, made by Otto Wagner and nearby we’ve seen The Secession Building- architect Joseph Maria-Olbrich which was so beautiful but the surroundings were disturbing instead of making it “shine”.

After that we went near a part of the Danube river to see the Hunderwasser House and The Kunst Haus both built by an architect and an artist: Hunderwasser who was trying to bring a new “breath of fresh air” in Vienna’s old architecture.

It was a great place with a great vibe, where you could feel playful and artful!

Here are the pics:

Love, A.

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