Animal prints- How to wear them

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Animal prints have this mystique about them taking back to primitive times.  It was thought that characteristics associated with a particular animal, such as the fierceness of a tiger, are to be transferred to the wearer through animal-patterned clothing. The one who got them was definitely a person who was fearless and strong, in order to kill barehanded or with a primitive weapon the “beast”.

Afterwards, with the colonization of Africa and Asia the Europeans brought home the skins of the exotic animals. Only the wealthy had money to purchase and display it either as a decor or as a fashion item. Animal print screams success, power, aristocracy. An ancient telltale of wealth and power.

In the 18th century along with the industrialization these patterns were rapidly reproduced. The Bohemian style used it occasionally and in the 20th century, fashion designers, high-ranking people, Hollywood stars and celebrities turned it into a fashion trend. In 1925, American film actress Starlet Nixon wore a leopard coat and standing with her pet leopard. Liberator pioneers like Bettie Page were the inspiration for animal print to be sexy and fashionable.

Animal motifs are also widely regarded as erotic and thus tend to be utilized on clothing designed to attract others. A person wearing an animal print makes a statement about confidence and expresses a desire to be noticed. Their reputation ranges from classic and sophisticated in high fashion to cheap and trashy in popular fashion.

Animal prints are like neutrals—they’re made up of brown, beige, and black, after all! So do wear them as neutrals in your outfits. If you are courageous with your fashion choices you can choose to mix animal prints together. If you want just a touch of wild, you can choose to use an accessory, a smaller dose of animal print in your getup!

Here is how I wore it, in this part bohemian, part sexy light dress!

IMG_1183IMG_1178 IMG_1255IMG_1207   IMG_1282IMG_1235IMG_1238

Love, A.

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