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What do you think of kaftans? How do you wear it and where?

Kaftans are pretty hard to wear since they’re a special item worn in the past just in certain conditions.
The kaftan is often worn as a coat or overdress, usually reaching to the ankles, with long sleeves. It can be made of wool, cashmere, silk, or cotton, and may be worn with a sash. The caftan is of ancient Mesopotamian origin.

Since then the kaftan has acquired many styles depending of the culture and purpose it “had”.
We definitely find it in the ottoman culture, the arabic and indian one!

As we can see it became popular in warmer climates were it was worn in a light garment by both men and women. After the coronation of Alexis of Hesse when she worn a kaftan, the getup was reintroduced to the West.After that it gained popularity because it had a loose fit and it was exotic.

So Paul Poiret, the french fashion designer who pleaded for the renuntarr of the corset in fashion made it popular. Fashion designers introduced it in their collections and hippies worn it since they were greatly inspired by the ethnic fashion!
Even so, nowadays not many people are using this piece since it’s still considered exotic and out of the ordinary!

And here’s me wearing a kaftan to the beach in Greece!

IMG_1047 IMG_1050 IMG_1077 IMG_1099 IMG_1107


Love, A.

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