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In my mind there was always such a thin line between hippie style and bohemian style. It somehow felt that hippie was a “melange” of many styles, the vast majority inspired by the ethnic cultures of the world. Since this style was so big it also included the bohemian one which I taught was specific to the 70’s.

But actually the original “Bohemians” were travelers or refugees from central Europe (hence, the French bohémien, for “gypsy”).

It was generally associated with artists, writers, and intellectuals. The bohemian culture incorporates various ethic clothing styles, as well as historical costume.So again the line is thin since the same happened in hippie culture!

After the french revolution the artists remained without their wealthy clients and began to live in poverty. At the same time the Romantic Movement introduced the seductive notion of the “Artist as Genius.” An artist was no longer someone with a particular talent, but became a special kind of person. So he had to dress properly, he had to have an individual style.

While before that the outfit signified the social status, the membership to a cast or a profession, along with the artists the costume became a statement and a way of being interesting and original.

Bohemian style evolved into a cult of the individual, a person whose very appearance became a work of art with carefully planned outfits and accessories.

After this in the 20 century the dress reform came and change fashion radically…

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And below my bohemian outfit interpretation:

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