Postcards from Greece

365 Outfit Challenge Postcards

Today we should just relax, the weather outside is still hot, so you better plan at day at the sea or at the lake!

I will just post one photo with my beach outfit today and more photos from our Greece vacations!

This photos are from Marble Beach, a beach in Thassos full of marble stones, beautifully sculpted by the sea water into small marble balls.

Since the marble is white, it reflects the light of the sun even in the water so the water is really really clear! You can perfectly see the bottom even at depths of two meters. Being a Mediterranean beach the rocks are going straight into the sea and they’re covered with wild vegetation and trees like the Mediterranean pines!

The access road there it’s a little bit rough and don’t panic if you see that you’re heading towards the middle of the island because it will actually get you to the marble beach golf and marble quarry.

While in Thassos you can also take a ride with a boat that will stop at the most lovely beaches so that you can visit them or even take a bath!I’ve cached on camera some of this boats while we are on the beach, you can see the photos down.

Since there are also rocks and the water is so clear it makes a great spot for snorkeling!

I also believe that the sand, that’s actually little marble ball-stones, is a great natural scrubbing “device”

Check the photos and be sure to check the real place, it’s a destination worth seeing!



This is the improvised tent that we made since there wasn’t any umbrellas on the beach when we arrived! The beach bar was just being closed by the authorities so we had to make our best with what we had!

Looks good right? 😛 After all I’m an architect! 😛

I felt like on a deserted island, and we already began to have name like “Friday”, “Tuesday” 😛



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