Culottes- how to wear them

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Culottes- obviously a french word, where in the past a pair of pants worn by gentlemen of the European upper-classes from the late Middle Ages or Renaissance through the early nineteenth century. Military uniforms incorporated culottes as a standard uniform article, the lower leg being covered by either stockings, leggings, or knee-high boots. Culottes were a common part of military uniforms during the European wars of the eighteenth-century

In my opinion it’s hard to put up an outfit with culottes, they’re a statement piece and it’s hard to style it.

In nowadays “Culottes are a chic alternative to classic tailoring and work just as easily by day with funky lace-ups as after-hours with statement pumps,” says Camille Charrière ofCamille Over the Rainbow.

So here are a few tricks on how to style them!

  • Use a high pair of sandals and a loose shirt
  • A crop-top and gladiator sandals
  • Get a matching top- in same color or different shades
  • Add some fun and buy a pair with a bold pattern, style it with a neutral top
  • With sneakers and a loose T-shirt or crop-top they’ll become sporty
  • Try them on denim
  • In pastel color with a glitter or lace top they’ll be perfect for a night out
  • Pair it with a turtleneck and a pair of flats
  • Faux leather culottes can be sophisticated because they’re elegant but they bring that rock feel to your outfit

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