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While in the 90’s the urban fashion referred to hip-hop fashion and the fashion that emerged in the big cities on the East and West coast, right now the urban fashion or merely said the urban style refers to the quirky style you find in the streets of the world most fashionable capitals.

Now when I say urban style I rapidly think of a clever and inspiring street fashion game that combines more types of fashion into an unique outfit that “The Sartorialist” would snap chat in a sec!

What’s so cool about the urban style that it’s also a part (bigger and bigger) of the urban culture? Well, the fact that in the big cities (especially in the more developed countries) there is a blend of cultures and of people that creates a unique visuals. It’s impossible not to be influenced from other cultures, other mentalities when you live so close to them! It gets you inspired and it makes you search for more, not only fashion related!

Art and street art has it’s influence as well! And of course music is a big influencer! Since the modern age and since the apparition of radio and media, music has been a great influencer, and we can see today how much it affects fashion! There’s the mainstream music, that, trough it’s artists, influences the majority of population and there’s also the underground music, or should I better say the not yet discovered music that also has it’s sphere of influence!

Just look at the Givenchy collection of this fall, that cries FKA Twigs style all over! Even tough the designer Ricardo Tisci said he was inspired by the Chola look, this exact type of style is definitely inspired by the amazing VMA nominated artist!

So how do I define the urban style in a few words: streets, culture blend, bold, art, daily. 

And here’s my so called urban style outfit!

IMG_2954IMG_2924 IMG_2957IMG_2928IMG_2937 IMG_2963


I am wearing: Red Pemplum Skirt- Bershka, Tiger shirt-Stradivarius, Earrings: H&M

Love, A.

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