The flower dress

365 Outfit Challenge

I have this crazy flower bodycon dress for a few years now but never got the occasions to wear it.
It was too tight, too short, too sexy, too romantic, to flowery, too patterny and outside it was either too hot or too cold.

There were so many things wrong that I didn’t even got it out of the closet and forgot about it completely.

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes we try to find the perfect occasion for the clothes we wear, the things we say, some things that we do. It would be better just to do all this by heart!
If you feel like doing something, stop thinking about the consequences and what the people around you will say! (Of course there are some decency and moral limits that we have to take into consideration)

I won’t repeat Shia La Boeuf speech  “Do it!” which in my opinion is inspired by Charles Bukiwski’s poem Roll the Dice.
I won’t even tell you like Miley Cyrus does it in her new song on her free album that you can download here: Dooo iiit! Which also seems inspired in both the poem and the speech.
I am just going to do it! myself and let you guys do whatever feels right for you at this point!
But remember if we don’t push our limits we won’t evolve! ? Just the way nature works on Earth!

As a side note it seems that my floral dress is in trend this fall :))


And here’s mine


IMG_2687 IMG_2712 IMG_2723 IMG_2738


I am wearing H&M dress, Pull&Bear sandals, B&B earrings

Love, A.

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