Dress up in another you

365 Outfit Challenge

I love vintage photos! We have a wall in our home with photos from the previous owners of the apartment that they’ve left behind. It is supposed to be some kind of remembrance for us, to see how they’ve lived and how they looked and how everything evolved from that period.

Yes, I do love vintage things: photos, clothes, jewelry, toys,design objects and furniture and even things that are totally useless like old metallic commercial signs.

And sometimes I like to imagine myself living in some other era, looking different and doing different things!

It’s an interesting imagination practice. It tests your limits and you can see how “deep” you can go with your own imagined story!

The photos are taken in our (rented) vintage apartment :P, and when I say vintage I mean really olddd.



IMG_2523  IMG_2463IMG_2512 IMG_2457 IMG_2436


I am wearing: H&M dress, necklace, stilettos; Vintage headpiece and over


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