The 70’s Style

365 Outfit Challenge bohemian

Do you remember the crazy 70’s?

The long dresses, the florals, the wide pants( worn by both women and men!?!). Well the style is back!

It feels like for a few years now the major fashion industry confronts itself with a “involution”, only recycling the ideas of the XX century. Beside a few fashion designers that tend to be more artist than designers, Alexander McQueen for example, that had made some notable collections, all the others are just throw backs with slight improvements.

I actually remember how one of my friends was telling me about the all so praised show in USA “Project Runway” where Michael Kors was one of the judges.
He disliked the conceptual ideas of one of the contestants telling something like this (this isn’t a quote because I just remember the general idea): “There are two kinds of designers: like me or like John Galliano“. Even thought he was referring to two types of designers: the ready -to-wear type and the “crazy artistic” type, I took it more like the “meh-casual” and the “artist-evolving” type. So why do we need artist-designers? Because we don’t want to end-up in recycling fashion styles! As every art that serves to people, fashion has to evolve, it has to keep up with our needs and the technology we can find right now in the world.

And here’s my interpretation of the bohemian style from the 70’s!


IMG_2256 IMG_2262 IMG_2273 IMG_2298 IMG_2317


I am wearing vintage dress, vintage denim shirt, vintage shoes and H&M hat.

Love, Anda

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