How the 365 became something more

365 Outfit Challenge

Hello lads 😛

The time has come to take a harsh but important decision about the 365 days challenge. This last months (last 3 to be more exact :P) I’ve dedicated all my spare time to making photos, modify them, writing blogposts, etc. This means I’ve been ding that even in my Holiday, even when I was sick, nothing stopped me.

So why I am taking this decision right now? Because I need some of my free time back or else I think I’m going nuts :P. Beside, I really want to continue and to evolve with this challenge, so I think I also need to focus on better marketing it.

This way I will be able to come with more fun projects on my blog (yeyyyyyyy) and develop in other areas of interest too.

So, the outfits won’t disappear, I still need to get dressed every single day you know:P  I’ll just post them once every two days!

And here’s the one for today!

IMG_3303IMG_3291 IMG_3306 IMG_3316 IMG_3339


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