The military jacket

365 Outfit Challenge

I’ve previously gave some tips on how to make your style military but I still think the best choice is the military jacket. This fall the military jacket is back in business as he trends show us!
So what are those detail that make a jacket a military one:

  1. The color: Khaki is the color you’re searching for, although the black and dark blue is also a good choice
  2. The pattern: Camouflage- but take good care with it, there’s just a thin line between looking great and being just too much of it
  3. The pair: looking for delicate: you need feminine pieces, casual: just a white tee and a pair of boyfriend jeans, sexy: a little black dress and the assorted  jewelry
  4. Mix it: fabric and textures is what you need: the jacket might be cotton or wool so  pair it with silk, chiffon or merino wool, it will make it stand out
  5. Layer it: especially in the cold seasons!
  6. Detail it: be aware of the details: epaulets, the timber round buttons, crosses, etc


And here’s a office military outfit 😀

IMG_3501   IMG_3547IMG_3554IMG_3506IMG_3521

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