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I’m sure that sometimes each and every one of us is too busy and maybe too tired to be fabulous and amazing. So that is translated also in the way we speak, behave and also dress!

No, I’m not going to begin a post about the reasons why we feel like that, I know they’re too many :P, I just want to highlight that this is totally normal! I had those doubts myself, you know! I am following a bunch of bloggers that are really cool and amazing, but just a few of them admit that like isn’t always “pink” and flawless. So, sometimes it happens that I feel that what I do isn’t perfect and it’s not worth it!

I even felt that how I dress is not worth showing because is too casual, not feminine enough, not WOW (this certain onomatopee is found in all the domains it seems)!

So I stopped and asked myself : do I want to be like that?



Do I want to be elegant, feminine and WOW?

Well, my answer amazed even me! I just want to be myself! And I wanna set a good example, an example that could be followed. So I realized that what was wrong wasn’t the way I was dressing or the bloggers I was following, but my attitude towards this matter. I usually ended up thinking that I love “that dress” but could never wear it at work; that what I was seeing to other bloggers was inappropriate for my actual life.





So why do I keep following those bloggers? Because they’re an inspiration for me, an inspiration of  pictorials that you usually find in magazines and advertising. Unfortunately they don’t inspire my style anymore, they just pleasure my eye.

For me they’re not fashion bloggers anymore, they became advertisers, every post is made for a company or a brand.

I guess my biggest problem with this is that from the free people living the dream they became just another advertising “pawn”.





So I came to the conclusion that I hope my style inspires other people and it makes them want to experiment and be conscious about their fashion choices. I don’t want to become the advertorial type of blogger who only makes posts for the big companies.

PS: Don’t forget to play and enjoy yourself!

Anda ♥

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