Get yourself ready for fall

365 Outfit Challenge

I know, I know, right now it feels like summer all over again! But you know it’s not going to last! 😉
So it’s normal to be prepared and in line with this fall trends, right? They are many online magazines that already made their guides for this fall, but each and every one of us should choose what she/he likes better and what suits them in terms of style!
So here is a selection of styles that I’ve chosen from this fall trends:

  1. Big and bold geometry
  2. Bohemian rhapsody
  3. Victorian age
  4. I love big bows and I cannot lie
  5. Velvet underground
  6. Just plaid and simple
  7. That 70’s show
  8. Pastel candy
  9. You’re in the army now
  10. The knit dress
  11. Ge punked

Not sure if my today’s outfit falls in any of the categories (maybe Get punked)  but I do love how this white feminine skirt goes with the trashy crop blouse and leather boots!


IMG_3567 IMG_3591 IMG_3595 IMG_3601 IMG_3612


Yeah, I had a bad hair day, so what?! 😛

Anda ♥

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