Long dress with sneakers

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Yes, my obsession with sneakers is still going strong! I have plenty of them and not so many high heels, maybe that’s why i like to wear them with almost every outfit!

This time I’ve chosen a long dress, unusual one might say but after I’ve done some research I’ve discovered many ways you can wear this combo.

Since this dress doesn’t have a full length (at least for me it doesn’t :)) ) I’m not sure it can be worn with a pair o high heels but I’ll make an “experiment” and tell you all about it.


I hope you liked the styling for this particular dress and don’t forget to check for new posts every two days now! Why not daily? You can find the answer here!




Finding the perfect long dress can be a problem. I was really lucky to find this one in a vintage store. And soon you can find it on selenefashion.
Coming to think about it i think I’ll make a post about the types of dresses are fitted for sneakers depending on the length and style.




The dress will be soon in Selenefashion shop! If you’re a vintage lover be sure to check it out!
Anda ♥

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