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As you know because I’ve previously talked about it I love long long dresses. So it was really cool when I found this knitted maxi dress which is perfect for this winter.
Although I would rather go with a more happy color(and yes I have so so many black dresses) this one is easy to wear. I’ve chosen to wear it once again with a pair of sneakers, creating a versatile up do!
I’ve also searched the web a little bit and I found some ideas on how to wear a maxi knitted dress this season, all ideas taken from the street style fashion that I like and follow. You’ll find just down below in the gallery 😉
Ps: most of my findings can be found in my Pinterest boards!

Pss: You have to check out the resemblance with a particular show character, at least in terms of fashion :)))



If you’re familiar with Game of Thrones series, I have a faux-fur vest that somehow reminds me of someone who didn’t knew anything 😉




I am wearing: Zara knitted dress, Handmade earrings

And since i’m sure many of you are big fans, I really have to ask what is your favourite quote from GOT books and/or show?

Mine is of course: “You know nothing Jon Snow!” but I can also rely to “Winter is coming”, since you’s actually coming 😉


Anda 🙂

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