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365 Outfit Challenge

Even tough I don’t feel so festive these days some things have to go on despite what’s happening in the world or in your own world!
And what happened in my world lately was that my little goddaughter turned one year old! We had a small family celebration at home and since it wasn’t so formal, I dress acordinly. I had only black clothes with me tough and I felt a little strange to dress all in black at this happy event (you know color interpretation in some cultures..) so what better choice than adding a splash of colour?  :))

Ok, I might look like a wrapped gift for some of you but I like how this “fascinator” bow uplifted my look from a black rather boring one into a 60’s romantic bow-related one :D.

Spotting this minimalist look made me rethink the way I dress and the difference little details can do not just regarding this matter but also in life!

And I also found a quote that defines the babbles I made before in just one phrase:  ” The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” Jimmy Johnson

So I’ll let you enjoy the pics and please do share the little “extra” that makes your life extra-ordinary!

IMG_4141 (2)


IMG_4178 (2)


IMG_4146 (2)


IMG_4169 (2)


IMG_4179 (2)


I am wearing: Black Crochet Dress- Zara, Snakeskin pattern shoes

Love, A.

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