DIY- Ikea hack- hanging baskets


I have yet another Ikea hack over here :P! Yep, I visit Ikea more than I want but less than I wish! 😉

It’s pretty simple to do and it requires just a few things! This project it’s ideal if you live in a small place, with not so many deposit spaces.

Although we have lots of storage in our apartment, we always find and stack new and new things. I have a huge amount of boxes in my room full with things. Since I already had this wire baskets, left as “heritage” from Fillis (my first roommate from this apartment) I taught I put them to better use!

And since they weren’t so pretty to display in my actual interior decor I struggled to find a new place for them. So the idea struck when I was watching the big desk top that I keep as a desk in my room.

Here it goes:



You will need:

1. Wire basket (from Ikea)

2.  Hook screws (from Homedepot) I took mine from Bricostore

3. Chain (same as above)

4. “S” hook (also from Ikea-kitchen)



  1. Fat pliers
  2. Rule


IMG_4527IMG_4474IMG_4475  IMG_4479


Hope you enjoyed this hack as much as I did! Since I like to have everything tidy I’ve put some boxes inside the baskets so that they look nice while they contain loads of things :))


Love, A.

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