Winter calling

365 Outfit Challenge

While I’m writing this post I am freezing in my lovely but cold room :D. And yes, this is how I know winter is here! It’s paradox but I don’t need to get outside to feel it 😛 (it also works for summer by the way!).

And since my brain is freezing too, I’m just gonna drop a few links, let’s name them the “highlights” (if not Trivia) of my week so far 😛

  1. For all the GOT fans out there, it seems like my favorite character in the series (because he’s damn hot that’s why!) Jon Snow (also known as Nelutu Omat for the Romanian fans) is returning for season six. Or at least that’s what the poster posted on HBO Twitter account is implying. Is it a clever marketing campaign or is it for real?
  2. Blow-minding fact: did you knew or ever imagined that cows (you heard me , those animals that give milk and stuff..) are as bigger polluters as cars? You’ll find plenty of articles online, here’s just one of them. It’s not the CO2 they’re breathing (taking count that they’re 1.5 billions  ) but the fact that they emit a massive amount of methane through belching. Here’s a documentary that explains what’s happening and why you didn’t hear anything about it. So maybe next time you (me included) eat a steak you/me should think better of your/my ecological footprint and the impact you/I can have!
  3. You know my latest obsession with socks, right? So I was excited to find this pair here! Pretty RAD right?
  4. Searching for Christmas gifts this season I’ve stumbled upon this amazing chair in StarHomeStudio shop! It would look so cool into a bohemian interior! I still need two chairs/armchairs for my room, but this beauty needs a great room just for itself, mine will just have to freeze with a pair of poufs . Remember that eco footprint that I was talking about? Well, buying handmade products it’s a step forward as well.
  5. I am currently looking (or reading) to find a book worse than the movie :)) It sounds odd, I know! I found some lists but I don’t agree with their choices at least for what I’ve read until know. Any suggestions there?

BONUS: I am wearing a pair of handmade statement earrings and I’m sure I’ll be having them pretty soon on the blog as a DIY for a present on a budget 😉

And the photos that are totally unrelated 😛

winter calling on selenardesign fashion blog 1 winter calling on selenardesign fashion blog 2 winter calling on selenardesign fashion blog 3 winter calling on selenardesign fashion blog 4 winter calling on selenardesign fashion blog 5 winter calling on selenardesign fashion blog 6

I am wearing : vintage crop top from SeleneFashion, jeans from Zara, shoes from H&M, jacket- Bershka

Love, A.

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