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I don’t know how many of you know that I have a vintage shop somewhere on the world wide web! Actually it’s on Etsy and you can find it here. And since I decided to give it a new “identity” I also took some time to write about why I always chose at least one vintage item in my outfit!

Why are vintage clothes more eco-friendly?

So let’ s be frank, first of all you need to have a little “something” for vintage clothing. Not everyone feels they’re looking good wearing vintage clothes. Some have the need to cover it up or to make it blend in so that they won’t be “seen”.

Buttt, there are some people, me included, that like vintage garnets and cherish it maybe more than a normal piece of clothing. Why?

Well, here are some reasons why you should love vintage clothes! 😉

  1. When you buy or wear vintage clothing instead some new piece of clothing you are recycling 😉
  2. It might be healthier for you to use vintage clothing because in the past they didn’t used so many chemicals when making a garment
  3. Whilst it might be healthier for you it’s sure healtier for the planet because the dyes, chemicals and the processes used to produce the new “wave” of clothing (soft, colorfast, un-shrinkable, etc.) are not eco-friendly (unless stated of course). The waste from this process of manufacturing is dumped into the water supply!
  4. Even tough the clothes are used some of them don’t look used (yep, you have too put some energy into searching 😉 ). That’s because they employed better techniques and materials in the past than they do today. The clothes had to last longer since people didn’t buy new clothing as often as we do today.
  5. The vintage clothes are made a lot differently than the ones today. A lot of people (me included) see that they fit better and are more flattering.
  6. The clothes are usually made in the countries were the production can be traceable or even better they are handmade.
  7. Clothes with a history are a great way to define your own style because they create a unique fashion statement.
  8. Since fashion is cyclical the style from the past has a comeback at a given time so there’s a good chance that you can be in the trends with something vintage (this season is the 70’s and bohemian style BTW 😉 )
  9. There’s a good chance that the item you find is unique, not everyone preserved their clothes
  10. The price is definitely smaller than one for something new but similar in the same quality

Yesss, I know that this can’t go on forever :P, even tough their quality is better we can’t rely on the same clothes in 100 years. But in the meantime we should learn how to make and after that buy eco friendly garmets, handmade ones (clothes that have great quality and are made to last!)!

I hope this was helpful for you and that you will reconsider your shopping habits soon! I knowwww, it’s not an easy move but if you start with small steps you’ll find it easier and easier to get there 🙂

If you are into fashion, or even if you’re not, you can check Fashion Revolution  to find ways you can be a “revolutionary” in this domain. I found this PDF very useful, it’s a short and clear version of what they stand for!

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I am wearing a vintage Selenefashion shop dress, gray sock, Bata shoes



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