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Hello everyone!

This is somehow a post about music, although I can’t say I am big fan of music! I like to listen to the world more than to cover my ears with a pair of headphones and enter in my own personal world!

I see lately more and more people with the earbuds on, in the metro, in the bus, on the streets and I often wonder what are they listening to?! Sometimes I don’t have to wonder since the music is so loud that you can actually hear it yourself from the “outside”. I dislike the fact that they want to shut away from what’s happening around and I often think that if something is happening they won’t hear it! Like a disaster of some kind (comets hitting earth, alien invasion, Gozdilla’s wrecking everything around, you know…that kind of stuff) or maybe the actual world they live in! I can’t totally blame them since I read while walking (YES! I expect myself to fell into manhole anytime now :P).

So what are my music related passions? Well..I like to listen to a song 1000 times, being obsessed with it and after that throw it in a dark corner of my mind where I can’t access it anymore( keep in mind the fact that after 1000 times one more time is life damaging!)

And just because I don’t want to throw away in the mind basket all the nice songs I’ve said to try some Romanian online radios. I did a research and this is what I found:

  1. Autobaza  I like it because they mix the styles pretty often with music that I enjoy listening.
  2. Nicecreamfm– Already famous among my friends. It ha three channels each one with it’s own vintage vibe!
  3. Delahaze – It has a mix of electronic, jazz, experimental music, you listen to it and name it 😛
  4. Cooperativaurbana– I love this one because it has lots of underground romanian music
  5. Eclecticfm– The right doze of old and new of underground and mainstream
  6. Control– If you’re a fan of the club than this is your radio!
  7. Republikaverde– beside the good amount of reggae it also has amazing eclectic compilations
  8. Nomansland– it’s at least interesting, for a creative vibe 😉
  9. Indiemotion– not so underground but not so uptown either

IMG_5788 IMG_5794 IMG_5828IMG_5784IMG_5807

I am wearing: Vintage dress- soon on Selenefashion, Zara loafers, neopren parka, Sony white headphones

Love, A.

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