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It’s not easy to define your personal style and it takes years to achieve it. You can actually say that your style grew with you from the moment you started to make your fashion choices. I’m sure we’ve all passed trough the rough period of our teens and even tough we’ve been fans of Sailor Moon, Spice Girls, Nirvana or all of the above :D, this was also stated in the way we dressed! Each and every moment added up to what we ended up beeing today.

Some of us came to the conclusion that clothes don’t matter that much, for others clothes are there to define and assert who you actually are whilist for some they’re just an act. For me beeing all the above I came, by trial and error (the teen photos are the best evidenc, right?! :)) ) , to have something like a personal style altough it’s not well defined.

So I tought I would share some tips on how to define yours as well:

  • Understand your body shape– as you already migh now there are more body shape and even those ones aren’t
  • Get in touch with your personality– think about what describes you best: romantic, badass, cool, rocker, etc. After this think about your style- does it reflects your personality?
  • Make a color chart- from colors that you like of course and after that pick some that you would use in clothing (you can also use just non-colors- they do great with minimal style)
  • Seek inspiration – and not only on blogs or fashion icons, everything can be an inspiration- you can find and imense amount of forms and colors in nature for example!
  • Think about your lifestyle and goals– if you have a 9 to 5 job and no time to go to parties don’t invest in lots of evening dresses, it might be better to style a white shirt and add some quirky details!
  • Evaluate your closet: and choose things that you really like! Now, get rid of things you didn’t wore for more the last 6 months or a year (what about giving them to charity? :)- you’ll shoot to rabits with a bullet 😛 )
  • Look for inspiration and keep it!– I like my inspiration put up in categories and boards! That’s right! And the perfect way to do it is on pinterest! So everytime I am fighting my inner self about my daily look- I “run” to some of my  fav boards and pick something that suits me
  • Shop smart– think about what fits you and about what fits your actual garderobe and buy accordingly
  • Analyze your mistakes– You know when you do them because you feel guilty leaving the house dress like that :D, or at least this is how it works for me :))
  • Confidence is most important– It doesn’t matter what size you are, how expensive or cheap are your clothes, you are the one rocking in this ecuation so let the others know it!
  • Choose a signature piece– this might be harder at the beggining- you have to choose that little something that fits you perfectly and that means more to you than just normal clothes or accesories.
  • Basics fit everyone– so they should be in your closet as well :D, you know: little black dress, navy tee, tutu drama skirt 😛
  • My secret? Accesories– I never have too many- and they usualy make a basic outfit into a completly different one!

And here’s what I like to call my style lately :P, vintage clothes from here with an urban touch!

IMG_5591IMG_5589 IMG_5593 IMG_5606 IMG_5611 IMG_5614


I am wearing: Vintage dress soon on Selenefashion, Zara red stilettos


Love, A 

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