A 70’s affair

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I love to sometimes get into a 70’s affair and put up a vintage outfit. So what i did this time? The usual 70’s outfit with a pair of jeans, a paysley pattern shirt and of course a big fllopy hat!
I do love hats! Like a lotttt! At first I wasn’t so keen about them.. I realise now I didn’t had the courage to wear it. They appeared to me like an accesory to bold, that gets itself noticed and I didn’t want that.
Now, I sometimes love to wear it no matter the weather! Unless is windy :)) because from time to time I have to run for it in the middle of the street!
Yes it can be a dangerous affair to have a hat on your head on windy days ;)!

Lucky me this wasn’t a windy day but I admit it was kind of cold! And even if you see those yellow leafes around, is alredy smelling like spring here!

I wore this hat many times before and what I like about it is that it’s versatile! Here you can see it in summer with a boho outfit and also here!

Since I like hats so much after the photos with my vintage outfit (yessss I like vintage clothes a lot, but you already knew that didn’t you?! 😛 ) I’ve made a virtual collection of hats from Pinterest- here’s the account if you want to browse for more ideas- that you will find the following days on the blog! Prepare yoursleves, you’ll just have to scroll a lot :)))

And as a bonus 😛 I’ll also share a good portion of vintage hats 😉 so stay tuned!

I am wearing: Vintage jeans soon on Selenefashion, Vintage Pasley pattern shirt on Selenefashion, Floppy hat-H&M, jacket Bershka, necklace H&M

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